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Ontario passport to saftey

In class before we got to do anything we had to learn about safety, probably a smart idea considering most of us want to go into some sort of architectural or engineering pathway where we could potentially come across these situations in the future. I felt it would be a nice touch to post some of the things I learned from this quiz on my blog, who knows maybe somebody might just learn something.

How does the Occupational Health and
Safety Act protect workers?
The OHS Act provides workers with three basic rights:

The Right to Know?
Workers have the right to information on issues in the workplace that may affect their health and safety. Therefore, workers must have training available to them on all hazards within the workplace.

The Right to Participate
Workers may participate in finding solutions to working in a safer workplace. This can be achieved by reporting unsafe or unhealthy working conditions or by joining the workplaces Joint Occupational
Health and Safety Committee or by becoming anOccupational Health and Safety Representative.

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
A worker’s right to refuse work is protected under
the law. If a worker is asked to do something
dangerous or unhealthy, that person has the right
to refuse. Under the OHS Act, a worker can not
be fired or disciplined as a result of the refusal.
To be protected, the worker must use the following
1. Report the concern immediately to the
supervisor and if a hazard is present, go to a safe

2. The supervisor should promptly investigate the situation while the worker is present. If the supervisor agrees that there are grounds for refusing to work, then the worker is not required to do that task until the problem is fixed.

What are the responsibilities of the
According to the OHS Act, workers are:
• To work safely, protect the health and safety of others and follow safe work procedures at all times. Personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, hearing protection and steel-toed boots, must be worn if they are required to do a job safely. Equipment guards must also be kept in place and used properly;
• To co-operate with the OHS Representative or JOSH Committee and OHS Officers. The Internal Responsibility System depends on open communications;
• To report hazards, injuries and unsafe working conditions to the supervisor. If the supervisor is unable to respond to the issue, then the safety representative or committee member must be notified.

What is the difference between a Policy
and a Program?
A Policy is a document which states an employer’s Occupational Health and Safety principles and makes a commitment to a safe and healthy workplace. It is required to be posted in all workplaces hiring more than five workers. The OHS Program is an action plan that details how a workplace is going to achieve its OHS Policy.
It must include provisions for training programs,written work procedures, a complete hazard identification system and detailed records of injuries, inspections and minutes from regular JOSH Committee meetings. A program is required for those workplaces hiring more than twenty workers

Well in my opinion these three were the most important thing i learned, be aware of your rights no matter where you are working it would be illegal for any group to make you do something that risks your safety